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Pro Bono Connect

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Pro Bono Connect assists individuals and not-for-profit organisations who cannot afford a lawyer to access legal services on a pro bono (free) basis.

How we can help

We refer individuals and charitable not-for-profit organisations who are experiencing civil law issues that relate to South Australian or Federal law. The degree of assistance that your pro bono lawyer can provide will depend on the nature of your legal problem and other factors.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for pro bono assistance an applicant is required to first satisfy both a means test and a merits test

Means Test

Each matter is assesssed separately and an applicant must be eligible in relation to each matter to satisfy the Means Test.

JusticeNet will assess an applicant's means by reference to the applicant's

  • income;
  • assets; and
  • liabilities
  • Am I eligible?

    We can  refer you for pro bono legal assistance if, to our satisfaction:

    • you have met the means test;
    • you have exhausted all other avenues for legal assistance; and
    • your case has legal merit.

    We will also consider other factors such as whether your problem raises a matter of public interest, the capacity of the pro bono lawyers who participate in our service and our own resources.

    Generally, we will give priority to individuals experiencing the greatest hardship and to not-for-profit organisations that are assisting the most vulnerable.

    We cannot assist with urgent legal matters. If you need urgent legal assistance then please contact the Legal Help Line on 1300 366 424.

    There are also certain types of legal matters that Pro Bono Connect cannot help with, either because pro bono resources are finite or because other legal services are better placed to assist:

    • family law matters (including child protection) 
    • criminal law matters 
    • wills and probate matters 
    • complex commercial disputes 
    • disputes over legal costs
    • building disputes
    • fencing disputes 
    • traffic offences.

    Click here for a list of other services or options if we cannot help with your legal problem.

    How do I apply?

    Before you apply, please ensure that you have read our eligibility guidelines.

    Apply online

    Alternatively, you can download and print the PDF application form: 

    Pro Bono Connect Application Form (PDF 189 kb)

    Contact Us

    IMPORTANT: Pro Bono Connect does not provide legal advice over the phone. For over the phone legal advice, please contact the Legal Help Line on 1300 366 424.

    T 08 8410 2280
    E admin@justicenet.org.au

    Thank you

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